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Appreciate Wonderful Moments in Time Through My Cards

See the beauty of our ever-changing surroundings with MoonShineCards. My name is Pat Cheshire, and I take artistic photographs of old agricultural structures as well as natural sceneries during my hiking and kayaking adventures, which I incorporate onto my one-of-a-kind greeting cards that are available for purchase.

If you have a personal photo that you would like to turn into Greeting Cards, I would be happy to do that for you.

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About Me

I am a photographer who is passionate about preserving history through pictures. I mainly focus on capturing images of weathered yet picturesque barns before they are gone – when they are gone, they are gone. To share my photography with others, I founded MoonShineCards as a cottage industry where I personally turn my works into frameable greeting cards and prints customers can send to their loved ones or keep for themselves.


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Let me provide you with greeting cards that feature the wondrous changes in time. If you are interested to learn more about my products, reach out to me today.